Accent Your Garden And Light Up Your Stairs!

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with eco-friendly and energy-efficient Solar Stair Lights.

These versatile lights are designed to enhance the safety, beauty, and functionality of your deck, patio, or any outdoor area.

Solar-powered and Automatic On and Off !

With their solar-powered operation, they offer hassle-free installation and cost-effective lighting solutions.

Constructed with ultra-durable ABS and a high-quality solar panel, along with a low self-discharge battery, and are designed to withstand rain, wind, and light snow

All-Weatherproof And Simple Installation

Our solar step lights feature auto-on/off nighttime sensors so you do not need to manually turn them on every night.
Simply remove the insulator tab and place the light in direct sunlight, and you are ready to go.
No wiring is required to place them anywhere and you are done!

Beautiful Lighting Types For Any Environment 

Each LED solar light illuminates your area of choice with one of our three unique designs, RBG light, warm light, or traditional cool light.
These different options mean our solar lights are the perfect choice for any area with any desired look, you will leave your neighbors scrambling to keep up.

Unlimited Uses, From Stair Lights To Railing Lights We Do It All!

Limited stock, Get yours now!!

STOP! No stumbling in the dark anymore!

How long do these glow for?

Upto 8 hours

Solar Powered

Whether you’ve wanted to install lights on your deck, balcony or stairs, you can do it all with these solar stair lights!

No messy wires, battery required!

Light up any space with ease!

Power Packed Small Lights with solar chargeable panels ensure a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution.

  • Solar Powered

    Simply install these where they receive sunlight and enjoy hours of continuous illumination after dark.

  • Easy Installation

    No screwing required, Stick them on any ledge with sticky tape provided with these lights.

  • Use anywhere

    Perfect for outdoor balcony, stairs, boundary wall, terrace garden.

  • Waterproof, Durable and Sturdy

    It can handle bumps, drops, and the elements, ensuring it remains a reliable lighting companion in any situation.

Illuminate your outdoor spaces and never fumble in the dark again!

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