HOME AURA® Electric Mosquito Killer

HOME AURA® Electric Mosquito Killer


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This Mosquito Killer will make your nights more peaceful

✓ Powerful and portable mosquito relief
✓ Attractive LED lighting
✓ Rechargeable via USB-C
✓ Easy to use & easy to clean

The Mosquito Killer Summer-Saver

This Mosquito Killer is designed with attractive LED lighting to attract irritating mosquitoes in, and an electric coil to zap them, DEAD.
The Mosquito Killer eliminates annoying mosquitoes so you can enjoy your evenings mosquito-free!

No DEET – Safe To Use

Stop slathering yourself with harmful creams and irritating sprays! They do more harm than good!
The Mosquito Killer is a safe and effective way to stop mosquitoes from wrecking your summer.
No risky sprays or lotions are needed!

Long-Lasting Mosquito Killer

With a 1200MAh rechargeable battery, you’ll have powerful QWQmosquito security wherever you need it.
The Mosquito Killer will run for up to 6 hrs on a single charge and is conveniently recharged via USB-C

On-The-Go Zapping Made Easy

Created with a handy hanging loop, you can set the Mosquito Killer upright or hang it above you for powerful mosquito relief.
It’s an Easy solution for eliminating mosquitoes on the go.

Kills mosquitoes:

– in your backyard
– while camping
– at the beach
– on vacation
…and everywhere else.

Easy To Clean

The Mosquito Killer is so wildly popular because it’s so easy to use and it’s just as effortless to clean! Just use the included brush to clean dead mosquitoes and waste from the electric coil. Empty the bottom shell into the trash and you’re done!

Keep Your Family Mosquito-Free

Keep annoying insects out of your home with the Mosquito Killer It’s the perfect home protection that’s easy for anyone to use.
Keep uninvited pests like mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and moths out of your home for good with this extremely strong portable mosquito killer.

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