How to make money on Youtube in 2020

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If you want make money on youtube. you are on the right way. many peoples wants earn income from youtube.

But they don’t know how to make money on youtube. so today i tell you. how you can earn money from youtube. because nowadays majority of people consume videos. even person have any query that person search query on youtube & also search on google.

What is Youtube?

Youtube is the most powerful earning source. Youtube is an American online video-sharing platform. headquarter located in San Bruno, California USA.

Youtube allow users to upload videos, views, comments on videos, share, rate and subscribe to other users. youtube changes life many peoples.

How to start Youtube channel?

If you want start you tube channel. this is nice thought as you know many famous celebrity start own youtube channel celebrity like Aakash chopra, Shoaib Akhtar, Rameez raza and many other celebrity very fast grow own their channel.

You will start a youtube channel and make money on youtube. first of all you have good knowledge any specific field or subject. and second one is Email adderess.

You are starting a youtube channel. you have to need some social media platform like facebook , instagram, what’s app, pintrest etc. those applications really helpful your youtube channel. because you share your youtube videos link on that applications.

  1. Find your niche.

If you want to create a youtube channel. first you find your niche. niche like category of video. there are many niche available in the market but you find which niche you like. i mean your interest in which niche. but i suggest you most growing niche is in these days Education, Intertainment or comedy, controversy, motivation etc. these are the niche grow very fast nowadays. if search good niche your channel grow very fast and you make money on youtube.

2. Create your channel.

Creating youtube channel is a nice idea. first of all you setup your profile and make attractive logo of their channel. To fill up your profile with a couple of keywords a high volume research. upload a valuable content on your channel and grow authority of your blog or channel. if you provide helpful content for your audience make sure your channel grow very fast compare to other channels.and you make money on youtube easily.

3. Monetize your channel.

You want to monetize your channel google adsence or basic criteria you need to follow. i mean your channel subscribers should be more than 1000 and 4000 hours watch time. this criteria is compulsory for all youtube channels. if get approval of adsence. you earn good money on monthly basis.

4. optimize your videos.

If you are uploading videos on your channel day by day without any title and thumbnail. this is not a right way first you need to make attractive title on your videos also make impressive thumbnail on your video. edit video with quality and provide good voice over. write the attractive caption. this is good procedure of optimize your videos. if follow those tips your video got good views and maximum watch time. you have good chance make money on youtube.

8 best ways make money on youtube.

Are you want make money online? if you want this is nice choice. if you are doing youtube. you can earn massive income through youtube.


1. Setup an adsence account.

2. Affiliate marketing.

3. Make sponsored video.

4. Create own product.

5. Use youtube to get traffic to your website or blog.

6. Became a youtube personality.

7. youtube partner program.

8. Submit to ongoing reviews.

  1. Setup an Adsence account.

If you want get adsence approval on your youtube channel. you have to need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. this is the criteria of youtube . if you complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. you got Adesnce approval easily. and you setup Ads on your video. you make money on youtube through adsence.

2. Affiliate marketing.

You have good amount oh audience on your toutube channel. you can generate lot’s of money through affiliate marketing.

Because you have lot’s of viewers on your youtube channel. you easily convert your audience into buyer.

If you promote product related to blogging. you have nice chance make good conversion. you promote web hosting, keywords research tool. you don’t believe how much commission you can earn. you shall promote web hosting, themes, keyword research tool. you can get 80% commission in these products.

3. Create own product & sell.

Creating products by self is good thing. you create any product you promote that product on your youtube channel and also sell that product to your audience. if you create software product. you make more money because software are very expensive.

4. Make sponsored video.

Sponsored video is a nice way of earning. you have high amount of audience on your youtube channel. company approches you ask them promote their product in your video.

Are you seen many videos on youtube & T.V channels. if any youtuber or T.V channel tell about any product. you can easily understand. this is sponsored video.

5. Use youtube to get traffic to your website or blog.

You have any website or blog. this is really good chance to promote their blog on youtube channel. if you shoot video for blogging related. you can give link your website in the video description.

You give link in the video description you don’t believe how much traffic come on your website. if you have some social media account you can also promote their blog on those applications and get more traffic on your website.

6. Become a youtube personality.

If you want become famous personality on youtube first thing keep on your mind. you create quality content. quality content means you create problom solving content.

If you are make helping content. people will know about your channel and share your videos with friends. after few years every people know you. i tell you some famous personality on youtube No.1 is Ryan kaji. this is an American youtuber. this guy provide valuable content for his audience. indian No.1 youtuber is Carry minati.

7. Youtube partner program.

Youtube partner program gives you access of use resourses and features. there are some criteria of join youtube partner program.

you get access to creator support team. you can monetization features. the minimum eligibility requirements to join partner program is 4000 hours watch time in last 12 month and have more than 1000 subscribers.

8. Submit to on going reviews.

If are youtuber have a good chance to review any product. your channel niche is related to fashion, health have a nice opportunity to review their products.

If your niche is related to fashion you can review fashion product.

Highest paid youtuber

Ryan kaji is the highest paid youtuber. ryan kaji earn money from youtube last year was $22 million. he is popular in the ” Unboxing ” genre opening and tryout toys.

How to make money on youtube without making videos

If you want earn money from youtube . you have to make videos and upload on your channel that video. if you are not making video you cannot earn money.

How to earn money from youtube in india

You want make money on youtube in india. first you create your channel and upload videos on your channel. in india lot’s of people consume youtube videos. you can make lot’s of money through youtube is the most growing online industry.

How to earn money from youtube without Adsense

Only adsence is not way of earning from youtube. there are lot’s of ways earn money from youtube.

You make sponsored video and earn money on youtube. give affiliate links in video description.

Create on product and sell and also give review that product.

How much money do you make per 1000 views on youtube

This is totally depend on your niche. if your niche is related to education, blogging, controversy etc. you can make good money through youtube. if you want earn money through youtube. you need half million views to earn $1000 CPM. there is no magic in CPM. it differs what type of ads run on your channel.

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