29 best passive income ideas & strategies boost your income in 2020

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29 ways to earn passive income

Passive income is an effort less income. if you’ re doing work one time generate revenue life time. Actually this is possible only for passive income ideas.

In twenty first century most of the people wants earn money online because online earning is also passive income. due to Coronavirus pandemic disease hole world is lockdown condition. so every people stay at home and they are doing work from home. so in lockdown situation you have a good opportunity to earn some site income. because many person’s lost their jobs so people search about some earning source.

what is passive income?

passive income is the income that requires less efforts people does not actively involved. but i tell you incomes are two types first is Active income, second one is passive income.

In active income you work hard hole day and earn some amount of money. but in passive income procedure is totally different you do work only one time generate revenue more time we should do focus on only passive income because this income is required less hard work.

How to make passive income from online?

This is easy to think making money while you sleep. this is nice way to earn money. there are lot’s of ways make passive income from online.

if you have any technical skills such as videos editing, make youtube tutorial, promote amazon products these are online way earning. passive income beautiful supplementary source of funds for lot’s of peoples. you are expert any subject or field also earn money to give them advice as a adviser.


1. Rental property.

2. Start a blog.

3. Write & publish an ebook.

4. Affiliate marketing.

5. Make Youtube videos.

6. Build a sales funnel.

7. Display Ads.

8. Create an online course.

9. Peer-to-peer lending.

10. Dividend stocks.

11. Network marketing.

12. Design T- shirts.

13. Create an App.

14. Cashback sites.

15. Annuities.

16. Invest in real estate.

17. Car wash.

18. Invest in a high-yield CD.

19. Open a high interest saving accounts.

20. Rent out a room in your house.

21. Make a E-commerce website.

22. Produce an audiobook.

23. Renting your car.

24. Sell-digital products.

25. sell- stock photos.

26. A bond ladder.

27. C.P.C Ads (cost per click ).

28. Licensing music.

29. Cashback rewards cards.

  1. Rental property.

Earn money from rental property, this is nice way to earn passive income. if you have a house or room. you can give that room for rent and earn money. if you give your room for rent you make $200 to $300 dollar easily and one more benefit to you.

you grow your house age because rent man shall also care your house. To earn rental income this is fantastic way to bring monthly income. if you have good amount of fund you can invest in residential properties.

2.Start a blog.

This is most important method for generate passive income is to start a blog. if you have good knowledge about any field or niche. you can start blog provide the value your readers. blogging is the another way to passive income.

if you want to start blogging first off all you need to select your niche research about keywords. another guide for you write a quality article make patience and provide the value your audience.

3. Write & publish an E-book.

This is another amazing method to make money write and publish an e-book. if you are create an e-book you can earn good amount of passive income. because your book educate people & helping your audience.

if you offer your e-book for free you get lot’s of email address all these email address helping you to do email marketing and make more wealth.

4. Affiliate marketing.

To earn money from affiliate marketing this is not easy task. affiliate marketing is one of the great way of earn passive income. first of all you have you should good numbers of audience and make conversion earn money from affiliate marketing.

Make audience this is not over night process. it will take time to make audience. in affiliate marketing Youtubers, Bloggers and social media influencers to promote third party products like amazon products, wall mart products and web hosting etc.

5. Make Youtube videos.

Making youtube videos that’s a nice idea for generating pocket money. because now video consumption very fast grow last 3 to 4 years every person like watch video to solve thier problems.

If you start making youtube videos or toturials. you can make $500 to $1000 dollar per month. youtube is the most effective way to influence the peoples because majority of the people consume youtube videos and also learn from youtube tutorials.

Are you heart about indian No.1 youtuber Carry minati. this guy maakes roasted videos, gaming videos and also makes video and audio songs. the last song of carry minati was Yalgaar. the views of this song is 140 million plus.

Are you feel the value of youtube. if you have any type of skills or talant. you can make youtube tutorials and earn money.

6. Build a sales funnel.

This is another great way to make powerful passive income. if you are create sales funnel in the funnel everything is automade condition. any visitor visit your site and buy something.

So next product notification automatic send to the buyer this is the amazing benefit of sales funnel. many peoples thought how to earn passive income in 2020. so sales funnel nice way of earning.

7. Display Ads.

If you are search any query in Google and other searching platform you find text & some Ads. we visit any website and social media platform google, facebook , youtube. we see lot’s advertisement on that sites.

Display ads is fantastic way of earning. because many peoples promote their products with the help of advertising website. Adsence is most effective way of earn passive money.

8. Create an online course.

Have a good knowledge & technical skills? you can create online course. if you are creating online affiliate marketing mastery course you generate massive passive income stream.

If you are expert any specific field or subject you can create a online course. because in twenty first century majority of audience consume videos. so 2020 is the correct year you to start online course.

9. Peer-to-peer lending.

Peer-to-peer(P2P) lending is the personal loan. the loan is faciliated between you and borrower through the third party.

As a lender you can earn lot’s of income through a interest but loan is unsafe, high risk of default. check the last few years data of agent to make informed images.

Because you are investing lot’s of money in multiple loans. the famous peer to peer lending platform is Lending club.

10. Dividend stocks.

Partners of companies with dividend-yielding stocks get a payments at regular intervals from the company.

Dividend stocks is a incredible way to earn passive income stream. if company earn more money. so company divide the revenue as per share holder according to share in company per person.

I tell you good investment place. the place is M1 finance you invest any dividend stocks get a good amount of interest.

11. Network marketing.

Network marketing or multi level marketing is most powerful way to generate pure wealth.

If you are doing job any multi-level marketing company. first thing you should do Add people or building a team underneath.

If you make a team majority of peoples working under you and you also get a good affiliate commision of their sales.

12. Design T-shirts.

Have a good skills? of design T-shirts like cafe press allow user to custom design items. you design T- shirt people like your design and perchage T-shirt. you a massive opportunity to earn passive income stream.

If You are a good T-shirt designer have god opportunity to earn wealth. you should try to sell your t-shirt on online platform such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

13. Create an App.

Creating smart phone app and social media app such as Tik Tok, like ,snack video apps. these apps are very helpful to earn revenue.

you are develop any smart phone app or social media app you don’t emagine how much money you can earn.

you are a professional programmer you can create app easily and sell that app earn money.

14. Cashback sites.

You buy anything from online many websites gives you cashback coupons and use the coupon code to get cashback.

Are you want to get coupon. so you can search about coupons and you find lot’s of websites provide coupons and make good revenue from affiliate marketing because buyer use affiliate code then get commission.

I tell you some most popular websites such as Amazon, Flipcart, Wallmart, Myntra etc. these websites give you lot’s of festivals offers like Deewali, Holi, offers you can save 70% to 80% cashback money on that websites.

15. Annuities.

Annuities is just like a insurance product. you pay monthly installment for any annuity. you save your future.

You many tines see LIC agent or other company agent but most popular is LIC (life insurance corporation) agent.

If you are pay monthly installment you save your passive income stream and also take interest on that money. you have a fund take risk for invest money in Annuity.

16. Invest in real estate.

If you are concerned about directly invest in real estate investment truth. investing in real estate is good thing. you have a good amount of money you can easily invest company.

Nowadays most of company offers you invest in real estate business and earn more passive income.

But, these days some companies are fraud and unsafe. so you are very careful that companies. real estate industry grow very fast in the hole world. you generate good income from real estate business.

17. Car wash.

This is always been a dream of mine to own a car wash. seems like such a nice way to earn passive income stream.

In these days every person have a four-wheel. so we drive a car on the road some dust particle stuck on car body so we need to wash our car.

we see lot’s of luxury cars. so these luxuries are dirty then need to wash these luxuries . every people wants wash his car on a car wash platform. so we should do open a car wash platform.

18. Invest in high-yield CD.

Invest money in any field this is nice way of earning. investing in high-yield certificate of deposit at online bank.

You generate a passive income and highest amount interest rates in the country. but some people thought how to earn passive income with low investment this is massive way to earn money.

Deposit money in any bank. bank gives you interest for your money whenever the bank work as a online or offline your interest is fix.

19. Rent out a room in your house.

This is straight forward technique takes benefits of space that you’re probably not using any way to get money making opportunity.

If you have any property like room, house. you can give that property on rent and earn high returns passive income.

You want to start any startup like OYO, Make My Trip, first off all you need to property like or house. give you service your customer and get feed back about your service. this way increase your customers as well as revenue.

20. Open a high-interest saving accounts.

Open a high- interest saving account is another way of earning money. if you are open account in high interest payable bank.

There are lot’s of bank pay high interest to you. if you credit money that bank, i tell you these bank name the banks are Axis bank, HDFC bank, ICICI bank, IDBI bank etc. their banks paid you high interest for your saving account. and you earn lot’s of passive money.

21. Make E-commerce website.

Creating e-commerce website is a nice thought but difficulty is what shall you selling. if are selling men’s fashion clothes or women’s fashion wears. your site is grow easily and earn money very fastly.

Are you know about world top e-commerce websites such as amazon, wallmart, flipcart, shopify etc. these websites earn’s millions of dollar per month.

All these websites are authority and trusted websites and these websites gives you good service.

So you want to create e-commerce website like amazon, flipkart, etc. you become a good competitor on these websites and also make good revenue.

22. Make an Audiobook.

Produce an audiobook is not easy task because you want create any audiobook. first of all you have a good knowledge and skills on a particular subject.

Podcasting is the similar way of audiobook. in audiobook you tell about yourself and give summary about your digital or offline course. in audiobook you also take interview famous entrepreneur, digital marketer, affiliate marketer, and other famous persons.

You also tell about any particular subject which you like and serve the knowledge to the peoples.

23. Renting your car.

This words sounds like crazy but this true. if you have a car or other four-wheel vehicle you give your vehicle for rent.

Some people buy a car and used car for taxi purpose and earn more money. i give you another tip for you every people heart about ola ,uber,redbus. if you have a car you type with those companies. these company give you passengers to the car owner and take 20% to 25% commission.

Are you drive a taxi. you know all about that system and generate massive money.

24. Sell digital product.

This is most powerful strategy for earn passive income stream. you are sell any digital product such as e-book, audiobook, SEO course, digital marketing course.

if you are create this type of products distributed on that sites such as Unacademy , coursera, skill share etc.

If you are create any digital product earn more than $1000 dollar. some people thought how can i earn passive income. so this is the way earn income because i tell you 2 to 3 ways above starting of this article.

25. Sell stock photos.

Are you interested in photography have a good opportunity to start his career in this field.

Are you seen some images, magzines, blogs in all pictures are shoot by the photographers are you shoot & edit such a quality photo you can sell those photos and earn revenue.

Even you doing this type of work. became a profashional photographer. either you shoot a quality picture. you have a great chance you become a personal photographer of any celebrity. after that your career is set and you earn lot’s of money.

26. A bond Ladder.

A bond ladder is a classical investment. if any government employ or serviceman near the retirement if that person want to invest in bond ladder and get some some interest on that money.

These are alternate passive income ideas. if you have 35 to 40 lakhs dead funds you invest in bond ladder get good interest.

A bond ladder is a series of bond. if you might start investment in bonds such as one year, five year, seven year in a measured bonds of remaining years the recent measured bond to buy another one year.

27. CPC Ads (cost per click).

If you search any query on google you seen some ads. these ads are shown by the owner of that site all these ads are paid. if any visitor click on that ads then owner of website get some amount of commission from advertising company.

Cpc ads also known as ” cost per click “ the every single click money deposit in your account. if run any website or blog. you have a nice opportunity to earn money from Adsence.

28. Licensing music.

This is similar to stock photos, that you can earn money. if you are creating any music album sell your music album and earn money.

Are you make music videos on youtube channel have nice opportunity to earn passive money. you also sell your youtube channel this is one more advantage to earn income.

If you want become famous misician. first thing is you do work hard and make nice portfolio get audience.

Some people thought how to create passive income source without money.so making music videos on youtube.

29. Cashback rewards cards.

If you just think about cashback rewards cards first thing in your mind is amazon websites or other shopping websites.

But i tell you some mobile apps such as amazon pay, google pay, paytm etc. these apps gives you good cashback.

I personally use google pay, amazon pay, phone pay, paytm. but i earn more cashback from amazon pay. i tell one secret to you my last three month mobile recharge. i do from amazon pay because i earn lot’s of cashback from amazon pay. if you are create any cashback cards website. you also earn good revenue. if you have any query please leave a comment.

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